ISFTA central buildings are located in Ptolemais, the main lignite mining and power production centre in Greece. Ptolemais’ building is a modern facility on a 735 m˛ area at the AEVAL Group, restructured with the financial support of the General Secretariat of Research and Technology (GSRT).




In the framework of the Institute’s development, the construction of a new building was approved to be funded by the West Macedonia’s Operational Programme in April 2002. The funding will reach the amount of € 810,000 and the building will cover a total area of 1,089 m2. The new building will host administration and personnel offices, laboratories, library, seminar and meeting rooms.



ISFTA branch office in Athens allows the direct communication with other research institutions and government organisations, which are situated in the capital city.





Advanced laboratory infrastructure is currently under development in the existing Ptolemais building. Installed equipment reflects the Institute’s increased interest in two major sectors; a) improvement of efficiency and emissions monitoring in power production and (b) solid fuels characterisation. Therefore, laboratory devices include:

Moreover, ISFTA personnel has access to PPC, CERTH and NTUA laboratories, making possible the complete analyses of solid fuels, and their process-derived products and by-products.


Furthermore, the Institute’s infrastructure includes advanced software, such as CAD, FLUENT CFD code, ChemKin, Factsage and GT PRO of General Electric for simulating and optimising power production processes.

Finally, ISFTA facilities include an electronic library, accessible through the Internet, a Geographical Information System (GIS), a conference room and a vehicle for outdoor measurements.