In accordance to the European Union energy policy that promotes Renewable energy sources utilization and combined Heat and Power (CHP) projects, a cogeneration plant has been implemented in Ano Liosia Landfill, 7 Km from the city of Athens. Construction and operation of the CHP plant is included in a series of rehabilitation measures that have been taken for the specific landfill. Produced biogas from the landfill is being utilized in heat and power production. Landfill gas is entrapped by a collection system consisting of vertical wells and horizontal pipes grid that transfers gas to the CHP plant, where it is converted to enough power to cover the needs of a town of 15,000 inhabitants. Plant operation started in 2001 and it consist of eleven mobile cogeneration modules. The cogeneration plant has a total of 13.8 MWe installed capacity. Approximately 110 GWh of electricity are annually produced and they are supplied to the electricity utility distribution grid. Moreover, steam and hot water are produced by heat recovery from the flue gas. Annual total heat production capacity ia about 16.5 MWth. In this work, operation experience from the Ano Liosia CHP plant is presented.

Keywords : landfill, CHP, landfill gas