The aim of this work was to test CFB-derived fly ash for its potential to get utilised in ceramic tilesmanufacturing by applying the sintering technique. The tested specimens were moulded using extrusion and fired at 1,050oC; a laboratory pilot-plant simulation of the industrial brick fabrication process was applied and the produced materials were afterwards tested for their microstructure and physical properties. Different types of clays were selected and characterised and various clay-ash mixtures were prepared. Plasticity after mixing with water as well as extrusion of the compact specimens and their drying behaviour were evaluated. Water absorption and mechanical strength of fired specimens were determined and evaluated as a function of the percentage FA content. Results showed that large-scale production of CFB FAcontaining bricks is feasible, as their mechanical properties were not significantly harmed, while any possible detrimental effect on the other properties of the synthetic bricks appeared to be relatively restricted.