Carbonation of magnesium seems to be an interesting option for long term storage of captured CO2. This paper provides an approach to sequestration of carbon dioxide in magnesium silicates using ultramafic rocks from the mountain of Vourinos, in Western Macedonia, Greece. For the experimental procedure five samples were used, consisted of dunite, hartzburgite and pyroxenite. The carbonation method chosen is the aqueous scheme. The results showed low (only about 10% of the stoichiometrically possible amount) transformation into magnesium carbonates for the majority of the samples. Insufficient reaction time, the particle size, or improper choice of reaction conditions are may be some of the reasons for the small amounts of carbonation observed. Further studies are needed in order to identify the various issues that were responsible.

Keywords: Mineral carbonation, Dunite, Vourinos, Western Macedonia, Greece