Coal plays an important role in the power generation mixture of Russia and its share is expected to increase in the future. Towards the development of Clean Coal Technologies (CCTs) in Russia, the modernization options of the coal-fired power plants with capacity larger than 100 MWe were investigated. Data were collected for 180 thermoelectric units and the probability of performing renovation measures on operating units was estimated. Two units of the Russian coal-fired power plant park were thoroughly examined and concrete proposals about their profitable and reliable operation with minimized environmental effects were elaborated. A new unit of 315 MWe with supercritical steam parameters and reburning for NOx abatement is envisaged to upgrade Unit 1 of Kashirskaya power station, while new Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) boilers of the same steam production is the most promising renovation option for the boilers of Unit 1 in Shaturskaya power station.

Keywords : Retrofitting, Repowering, Reconstruction, Test cases, Environmental performance