One of the most promising technologies for the production of hydrogen is the use of a Palladium Membrane in order to separate hydrogen from a gas mixture coming from the allothermal biomass gasification process. At the TU München, an innovative allothermal gasifier called Biomass Heat Pipe Reformer (BioHPR) has been developed. This gasifier produces a hydrogen rich gas which can be further used for energy production. A Palladium Membrane can be installed in the gasifier in order to gain pure hydrogen from this gas mixture. This gas can be then used in applications which demand high purified hydrogen like for example Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC). The present paper describes the aforementioned gasification technology combined with a palladium filter and investigates the results from the simulation of these systems.

Keywords: Ultrapure hydrogen, Palladium membrane, Allothermal gasification