District heating was first used in Greece in 1994, implementing Combined Heat & Power technology to supply consumers with thermal energy. When the new projects being developed today are completed, the total installed nominal capacity is expected to exceed 300 MWh, of which almost 85% is covered by the existing coal fired power plants and the remaining 16% which is mainly for peak load is covered by the use of diesel and LPG. Today the number of consumers is more than 25,000 while the number of buildings connected is more than 6,000. District heating technology is a particularly attractive choice for Greece, mainly because of its competitive pricing policy and the low cost of initial installation. With the liberation of the energy market and the development of the gas distribution network in Greece, this technology is expected to expand offering significant energy and environmental benefits in the country.

Keywords: district heating (DH), cogeneration of heat and power (CHP), central heating system.