Abstract "The zero emissions coal alliance (ZECA) have proposed a highly efficient integrated coal hydrogasification power producing scheme, where carbon is removed from product gas through a cyclic CaO–CaCO3 process and electricity is produced with solid oxide fuel cells. In recent years a lot of research effort has been put towards the realisation of the ZECA cycle. This paper has two purposes: (a) to present optimal solutions to the technical challenges of the envisaged cycle, i.e. achieving the required product gas recycling to the gasifier with steam ejector, heat transfer to the calcination process via heat pipes, and required gas cleaning with appropriate sorbents and (b) to re-evaluate the cycle’s performance and operating regime adopting these solutions.

The complete power plant was designed in detail using ASPENPLUS™ simulation software and results include all critical operation parameters in order to achieve optimal integration. The maximum realistically achievable net power production efficiency was estimated at 40%, with 90% decarbonisation.

Keywords: Coal, Hydrogasification, Solid oxide fuel cell, ZECA, CO2 capture