In this study, highly calcareous and siliceous fly ash particles were utilized for the fabrication of Al- and Al-alloy-based Metal-Matrix Composites (MMCs) by means of powder metallurgy. After compacting and sintering Al and Al/Si powders containing 10, 15, and 20wt. % ash particles, the homogenous (and with minimal amount of voids) microstructure of the produced composites was verified by means of Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). The composites were tested for their dry sliding wear behavior using a pin-on-disc machine against spheres of alumina. The worn surfaces of composites were then examined by using SEM and Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (EDS). It was shown that the addition of both types of FA enhanced the tribo-performance of Al, with the optimum metal powder replacement determined to the point of 15% wt., in the case of high-Si and 10% wt., in the case of high-Ca ash particles. Regarding alloy-matrix composites, although they generally presented worse tribological performance than pure Al/Si products, the additions of ashes up to 15% wt. resulted in only slight deterioration of the wear performance of composites.