The aim of this paper is to examine the possibilities for the abatement of CO2 emissions in the Greek fossil fuel power generation sector. An overview of CO2 capture, transportation, and storage concepts, on which the R&D community is focused, is presented. The implementation of post-combustion CO2 capture options in an existing fossil fuel power plant is then examined and the consequences on the overall plant performance are determined. Finally, the possibilities of transportation and then underground storage of the pure CO2 stream are analysed taking into account both technical and economical factors. The results of this analysis show that CO2 sequestration is technically feasible for existing fossil fuel fired power plants in Greece. However, substantial reduction in plant efficiency is observed due to increased energy demand of the technologies used as well as in electricity production cost due to capital and operation costs of capture, transport, and storage of CO2.

Keywords : carbon dioxide, sequestration, fossil fuel power plants