The paper presents the results from the research about the biomass utilisation to partially substitute Greek lignite in the Thermal Power Stations of Greece. Within the framework of this activity, a feasibility study for Wood matter from Pressed Oil-Stone (WPOS) availability in Greece and co-combustion trials in the Units I and II at the Megalopolis power plant were carried out. During the co-combustion trials, the efficiency and the availability of the existing equipment at the pulverised coal boiler were examined.

The obtained results showed that although WPOS availability is fluctuating, it could satisfy the needs for the cocombustion application in large-scale plants. No serious problems were detected during the co-combustion for WPOS addition in the fuel blend up to 7%wt. However, the industrial implementation of this technique requires modifications that will allow the secure transportation of the biomass material in the boiler.

Keywords: co-combustion, lignite, Wood matter from pressed oil-stone (WPOS), pulverized coal boiler