The paper is an overview of the results obtained up to date from the combustion and co-combustion activities with Greek brown coal in different installations, both in semi-industrial and laboratory scale. Combustion tests with Greek lignite were realized in three different Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion (CFBC) facilities. Low rank lignite was burned in a pilot scale facility of approx 100KW thermal capacity, located in Athens (NTUA) and a semi-industrial scale of 1.2MW thermal capacity, located at RWEs power station. Niederaussem in Germany. Co-combustion tests with Greek xylitic lignite and waste wood were carried out in the 1MW th CFBC installation of AE&E, in Austria. Lab Scale co-combustion tests of Greek pre-dried lignite with biomass were accomplished in a bubbling fluidized bed in order to investigate ash melting problems.
The obtained results of all aforementioned activities showed that fluidized bed is the appropriate combustion technology to efficiently exploit the low quality Greek brown coal either alone or in conjunction with biomass species.

Keywords : Fluidized bed, Greek lignite, Co-combustion, Biomass.