Potassium carbonate is a common, active catalyst for carbon dioxide gasification of coal as well as for hydrogasification and steam gasification. Greek lignite samples, impregnated with potassium carbonate, were gasified in a CO2 atmosphere, in order to study the effect of various gasification conditions. Parameters investigated included gasification temperature, solid residence time, percentage of catalyst loaded, carbon dioxide partial pressure and particle size. The presence of catalyst improves the rate of lignite-carbon dioxide gasification. Temperature also enhances the rate of carbon conversion for the catalytic reaction, as well as for the non-catalytic one, due to the faster pyrolysis and lignite-carbon dioxide reactions. The amount of catalyst impregnated into lignite affects carbon conversion and product yields. Carbon dioxide partial pressure and lignite particle size seems not to affect lignite-carbon dioxide gasification significantly compared with the strong effects of the other tested parameters.