The work aims at providing an initial estimation of CO2 transportation cost by means of pipelines. CO2 will be stored in geological formations in North Greece where the majority of the thermal power plants located. Particularly, it was examined the CO2 storage in saline aquifers and oil reservoir. The scenarios were developed taking into consideration factors such as the potential storage period, CO2 storage capacity of the geological media, the emissions. The transportation cost of CO2 was estimated using the methodology proposed by the IEAGHG. The results show that the transportation cost varies from 0.39 $/tn CO2 up to 0.45 $/tn CO2 (0.08 $/tn/100Km to 0.26 $/ton/100 Km). Additionally, the CO2 emissions that come from the fossil fueled power plants can be stored in the oil reservoir and saline aquifer of Prinos for 51 years while in saline aquifers of W. Thessaloniki and Pentalofos for 60 and 54 years respectively. Taking into account the abovementioned results, the recommended approach seems to be a quite attractive solution

Keywords: CO2, Transportation, Storage, Geological formations, Fossil fueled power plants, Greece