The ability to online monitoring performance of the boiler can lead to both financial and technical benefits. This paper discussed the methodology and the implementation for online monitoring of the boiler performance. In additional to the calculation of boiler efficiency and plant efficiency, through losses calculation, an overall heat transfer/ heat resistant can be evaluated taking into account both the thermal and radiative effects. This will provide vital information to the operators on the performance of the heat exchangers. The code was written using a graphical programming language instead of text based language as it more user-friendly and can be easily interface with the hardware. It is demonstrated also in this paper, that the mean thickness of the ash deposit on the heat exchanger/s can be simulated using some empirical correlations. Currently, soot-blowing activities are carried out every day over a period. This will give an indication to the operator of the power station to activate the soot blowing exercise. This low cost and flexible program can be install and really to be used in any power facilities.

Keywords :Online monitoring system, fouling, boiler performance, Heat transfer coefficient, heat exchanger