Within this study process simulation of a novel IGCC power plant concept with CO2 capture is presented. This process scheme is based on a novel steam gasification process of low rank coals with calcined limestone where in-situ CO2 capture and steam reforming are taken part in a single reactor. CO: is separated reacting exothermically with CaO sorbents providing also the necessary heat for gasification reactions. Afterwards pure CO2 is released in a separate reactor and regenerated CaO is produced which is continuously recycled within the process. The key element of this concept is the high pressure steam gasification process where CO2 is captured by CaO based sorbents and high hydrogen content fuel gas is produced, without using additional shift reactors, which can be further utilised in a gas turbine combine cycle for power production. In this study we present possible plant configurations for the selected gasification technology integrated to a modem gas turbine combine cycle. Detailed simulation with Aspen Plus software of a 400 MWe IGCC power plant was performed and heat and mass balances were calculated. Energy penalties were localized and quantified and power plant efficiencies were calculated. The calculated results demonstrate the capability of the power plant to deliver decarbonised (90% carbon capture efficiency) electricity while achieving overall electrical efficiencies at about 42%.

Keywords : IGCC, CO2 capture, CaO, sorbents, ASPEN Plus