The use of biomass and especially of wood is one of the oldest forms of gaining energy for heating or cooking. Nowadays, new technologies concerning the utilisation of biomass and waste residues are in demand and the trend to use them in decentralized applications for Combined heat and power (CHP) production provides an attractive challenge to develop them. At the TU München an innovative allothermal gasification technology, the so-called Biomass Heatpipe Reformer (BioHPR) has been developed. The aim of this project was to integrate the technology of liquid metal heatpipes used for heat input in the gasification of biomass or residues, in order to produce a hydrogen rich product gas. This gas can be further used in microturbine or SOFC systems. This paper presents this gasification technology, its coupling with innovative CHP systems (with microturbine or fuel cell ) and investigates, through the simulation of these systems, the optimum conditions of an integrated system reaching highest efficiencies.

Keywords : Biomass, allothermal, gasification, Heatpipes, Combined heat and power. (CHP)