The combustion of fossil fuels releases carbon to the atmosphere as carbon dioxine. One of these potential sources is fossil fuel power plants. Approximately, one third of all CO2 emissions due to human activity come from fossil fuels used for generating electricity.

The capture and storage of CO2 in geological formations is considered to be as one of the main ways to reduce GHG emissions. This process includes three stages: capture of CO2 from the stationary source, transmission and injection into the geological formation.

The storage of CO2 in geological reservoirs is considered as one of the main options to reduce the GHG emissions. The objective of this study is to provide an estimation of CO2 transportation cost by means of pipelines and the storage in two different saline aquifers in the vicinity of the coal fired power plants in Ptolemais, North West Greece, The results show that the transportation cost (excluded the construction cost of the pipelines) varies from 0.077 to 0.080 $/tonne CO2/Year.