This document gives an overview of general aspects of wood waste management in 10 different European countries (A, CH, D, DK, FIN, GR, I, IRL, N, NL ). The information was gathered in the COST E9 Working Group 3 "End of life: recycling, disposal and energy production" by the members of the workgroup. Each contributor is responsible for the content of the individual national section.

The data collection aims at briefly reviewing practices in handling wood waste in the participating European countries in an LCA context The result is an overview of the currently available infrastructure and accompanying capacities for wood waste management in the different countries. The comprehensiveness is varying from country to country.

Available information is gathered for the different countries with regard to the following points of interest:

Availability and quality of data are quite different and in most cases not easily compared. The current compilation represents just parts of the whole spectrum of waste management options and shows the differences between the different countries like availability of infrastructure, current and future legislation, market prices and costs etc.