It is a pleasure for Euroheat & Power, unichal to present the booklet "District Heat in Europe 1999". Ever since the first edition emerged, the booklet has been perceived as an important tool for the sector, and it is to be hoped that this fourth comprehensive survey embracing statistics and country reports about District Heating, Cooling and Co-generation will live up to this status.

Whereas the previous editions were prepared hy the "Study Committee for Nomenclature and Statistics" this edition has been prepared by the EuroHeat secretariat in co-operation with the National Associations for District Heating and other respected institutions. More time than previously has been allocated to the booklet and this is reflected in its size. It embraces a total of 27 reports from European countries and corresponding statistics.

The motive idea behind the booklet has been in the past and still is to provide a basic understanding of the district energy sector in Europe. It should thus serve as a tool for companies, individuals and institutions to get decisive knowledge on new and changing markets.

Second, and increasingly important, is the need to convey factual information to decision makers, as district energy as such increases in political importance. This need has been duly addressed in many of the 27 reports, reflecting the national emphasis given to especially environmental policies. The reports show a great variety of details in national legislation. The booklet thereby serves as a reservoir the best of which may in turn be introduced at a European level. Euroheat & Power, unichal certainly hopes that it will be used in that way.

Many thanks to all who contributed to make this publication possible. To those mentioned under "Acknowledgments" I would like to add Mr. Martin Heinrichs of Euroheat & Power Fernwärme International, who's active advice and help in editing this booklet was most precious, and thanks to Mr. Henrik Petersen of EuroHeat, who managed to compile not less than 27 country reports and who prepared the detailed analysis and conclusions.